The People of Kalikalos (2016)

Kalikalos Holistic Center is a seasonal international community in the heart of mount Pelion, Greece, from early May until October. The three campuses are based at the village of Kissos, the village of Anilio and on the road to Plaka beach. People from all over the world meet at Kalikalos for either vacation or to attend various seminars or to volunteer in anything they can offer for the maintenance of the premises and the gardens. Seminars include a wide range of subjects, from nutrition, yoga, chi gong, dancing, visual arts up to therapeutic techniques of psychosomatic nature. In the morning, they have a meeting in circle to discuss the jobs of the day, which all the regular stuff participates. The members and visitors of the community have their own free time after lunch -usually at the beach or nearby waterfalls. In the evening, they return to water the gardens and prepare dinner. Getting together after dinners usually happens along with live acoustic music, dance or discussions, and a fire sharing farewell circle once a week. The beauty of the place and the quietness of the nocturnal landscape may make you seek the company of your own self and have your personal moment under the bright stars before bedtime.
The images depict some of the permanent members and the volunteers which I got acquainted with in August 2016. In each diptych, one image shows an individual in a personal or a favorite place within the property or the surroundings and the paired image captures the same person doing a job for the community. People and scenery interact to highlight the experience of living in the Kalikalos community.


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